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It is a lot to do at and it both takes time as well as it cost money. Any help is then of course appriciated!

If you like what I'm doing at this site and want more of it you can either use one of the buttons to send a donation or continue reading about planned projects that require help from others. Donations will be used to complete projects listed below!

Help me with one of these projects!

Bullet time effect in 4K 30 fps and in 1080p 120 fps - Aim: use 60 GoPro cameras
Cameras available right now: 2

It would be awesome to create this effect in a high quality and with a 2 second sweep (require 60 cameras). You could help me in different ways:
1. Participate with your GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition camera (Date: not set, Place: Stockholm, Sweden)
2. Send your GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition camera to me and I send it back after the event (you might need to pay for shipping both ways depending on how many people that use this option, alt.4 is probably cheaper)
3. Donate a GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition camera
4. Sell a GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition camera to me really cheap (I could sell it afterwards and send overshooting money to you)
5. Build or buy (60pc needed) a mount that hold the camera fixated (I can create a 3D model if needed) and send to me.