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Do It Yourself Projects

I have probably always had at least one DIY project running at all times in my life, of course with various difficulty but still something made by me. Now I would like to share some of my projects with you; maybe you think my design looks good, is needed by you or you just think it is interesting to read about it and see some pictures. No matter the reason the chance is high you will have fun.

Kitchen multitouch screen

A usual computer screen have been rebuilt with an almost water and bulletproof multitouch layer and then inserted in one of the kitchen's over cabinets.

MC Yamaha YZF R6 Paint Job

From race body with small head lights to a fully painted body with big lights, also following traffic regulations.

Remote controlled shelfs

These shelfs have been special equipped with RF recievers to control both spotlight under them as well as wall plugs on the top.

Can that looks like a NOS tube

The walkie talkie needed a place to be stored without looking too ugly so I made a storage look like a NOS tube.

Barrel with cool storage

Who want's a usual fridge in the living room when this is a possible solution. With or without cooling unit it looks great.

Big car sound system

Feel the beat is a good description for this sound system that was specially designed for my Saab 9000.

Footstool - From old to new

From the beginning not even the spikes in this footstool was made by a machine but it really didn't look good any more so I gave it a new fresh look.

Singstar microphone holder

When the wireless microphones are not in use they can be put in this decorative holder on the wall instead of being stored away.

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Right now I'm on a backpacking trip with my girlfriend. When I'm home again I will continue to build the rest of this site.

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