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Matthias Tidlund - More about me

My story begins in a fairly small town, named Gävle, which is located about 200 km north of Stockholm in Sweden; it's a place where the temperature can be anything between -30°C up to 30°C and it have been snow on the ground during christmas every year in my hole life except one. Actually wheather presenters call it "the snow canon" because it usually snow more compared to the closest areas. In that place I grew up in an environment where I always was able to use my creativity to construct and build various things. I have also always been a competitive person and I competed in downhill skiing for several years but stopped that career in the mid of my highschool studies, I wanted and still want to be in the edge of new technology and that led me through my university studies at the Royal Institute of Technology.

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If I look back at the technical part of my life

One of my first bigger projects was to build a tree house behind my father's house (also with some help from him); I don't remember exactly how long time I spent building it but I had a lot of fun and in some way time is irrelevant when talking about it because I always figured out something more that I wanted to build on it, so that way it would never be finished. When I was 14 years old my father moved to another house and it was time to tear it down, as the new owners didn't want us to leave it, and at that time it had two floors, one plexi glas window and a bridge to the other side of a ditch with a little stream. But to take the tree house down just made me start on a new project outside of my father's next house; it was right beside a river but with a steep slope down so I started to build a stair partly by wood, stone and concrete down to the water. Inspired by the feeling I got during my Do-It-Yourself projects I wanted to be educated within the same area, I always wanted to be an engineer, so I chose a highschool with everyday access to a workshop as well as good university preparation, I chose the Sandvik owned private school Göranssonska school. At that place teamwork was a centerpiece, knowledge of several different production processes a demand to learn and I was encouraged to do as much extra work I wanted in the workshop that was filled with CNC-machines, welding stations and even a 7-axis robot that I were the first student to write a program for.

Development in focus

It was not a coincident I chose the university program Design and product realization at the Royal Institute of Technology, after highschool it was no doubt about that I wanted to develop cutting edge technology as a profession and within that program the focus was the phases through product development. Each year I was in different student groups and we were expected to develop new products (example: foodbox with storage sections and room for fork, knife and spoon in the lid got 3D printed) or services but always with different focus areas regarding the development phases. This was a fun way to study and I actually think all courses in the program were interesting, most of them also fun but the ones I didn't like that much mostly dependent on the teacher's methods and not the content itself. Some teachers really have that huge energy and strive to make it understandable in an easy way - those are the ones I search for, otherwise I could just go on reading books for myself. But if I think that is so important others probably think the same which then also fueled my interest in being a better leader; the next step was to also study leadership and make the group like how I lead.

Functional design for vehicles

Not too unexpectedly I liked many different engineering areas and had a hard time to choose one area of specialisation but I studied many extra courses to be able to be more flexible in my choice. It was however functional design for vehicles that catched my interest the most; the specialisation let me go through the whole development process of vehicle funtions and also test them in reality. During my master thesis I and a study partner developed a program which find out how a car should steer through a cone track to achieve the highest possible entry speed, all this calculated before the track making it possible for a robot to really test a car's limits without any human interaction. This was later something we tested with a real car on a test track, it was really fun to sea the result in real life.


Both through my DIY-projects at home as well as through my education I have used various 3D CAD programs since my first year in highschool. If you ask the question why I have used it at home the answer is simple, it is fun! That is also the reason why I'm very skilled in using those programs and I often try new 3D programs whenever I get the possibility to do so. One of the latest programs I have used is Cinema 4D, inspired by special effects in famous movies such as "Spiderman" and "Day after tomorrow" where Cinema 4D have been used. In particular I think it is fun that it is possible to make animations with sound coupled to when parts hit each other.

Additional information

Now when you have heard how I got to where I am today, take a look at this site and I hope you will find something of interest to you. I also have the possiblity to work as a freelancer and send invoices through the company "Frilansfinans", 2014 I sold a commercial video to the Royal Institute of Technology. Just drop me an e-mail through facebook if you have an idea (later it will be a form here).