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Sweden, Denmark and Germany

Starting together with my family in a camper we are going to travel from Stockholm to Copenhagen, spend some time in Denmark and then I and my fiancée continue to Germany. We have a few checkpoints along the way that we know we wan't to stop at but it is mostly spontaneous so follow the blog below to see what we are up to.

Blog posts

2015-08-03 Game science centre and flight home to Sweden


At the morning my phone woke us up at 04:45, it was time to get up and leave Zwickau by bus. The plane would however not fly from Berlin until late at the evening so during the bus ride towards Berlin we was thinking about what to do while waiting. I found the Game science center, which hade nice reviews and would take about 90 minutes, so we locked the bags in a big locker next to the parking garage at the airport for 6 Euro (you need 0.5, 1 or 2 coins) and bought a day pass for the local traffic. A fun thing when we bought thw ticket was that it was a really long que to the ticket machines at the station but not a single person had walked up the stairs to check for a ticket machine next to the train track, that was what we did so we didn't need to stand in a que at all. At Game science center we had fun playing games such as ping-pong invadors, basically space-invadors projected on a wall and when you shoot a real ball against one of the bad guys they die. We also played asteroids with just our eyes and digged in a sanbox where the sand got a color depending on its level. Oculus Rift was of course also there so you could try their latest glasses but free of charge outside of the other rooms as their VR glasses still was a prototype and in this case the second edition. It was still some time left before we needed to go back to the airport so first we walked through the Tiergarten, bought an ice cream and relaxed on the grass. As much as we could we stayed in the shadow as it was really hot, at a bus stop there was a termometer showing 39,5 degrees Celsius. Finally the trip however had come to its end and we travelled back to Sweden with Norwegian airlines, on a flight that arrived in the middle of the night so we jumped into a taxi instead of waiting 2 hours for the local traffic. It was a nice really nice trip but now we can't do more than wonder, where will we go next.

2015-08-02 Relaxing day


Breakfast made by Beate's grand parents and dinner by Beate according to their tradition but during the rest of the day we just relaxed. It was however very nice weather so of course we also had to take a walk, not to only stay indoors, before choosing a video to watch the last evening in Germany this trip. As usual it was relaxing watching a movie together.

2015-08-01 Shopping, museum, playing and watching a movie


Stéphanie really wanted to do some shopping in Zwickau with Beate today so we went to the city centre. I got however tired about watching stuff that in most cases were not bought and everything was within the categories cloathes and makeup. This first made me sit down in a couch outside of the stores to read and watch videos at youtube but a while later the phone battery was almost empty and charging is quite hard when not prepared with a charger. Instead I headed for the museum and started by walking into the art exhibition, not really my type of paintings though, and then I continued to the stone section. It was literally every type of stone there, often with a clean cut in the middle so that layers can be studied, and I found it quite interesting with the unusual colored ones. Finally I got a call that Stéphanie and Beate were finished and we walked home and played Dominion. It was also some pieces left of the delicious cake that Beate made earlier so in the end of the day we selected a movie on Netflix and enjoyed the cake while watching the movie.

2015-07-31 Back to Zwickau with a stop in Pirna


It was equally good breakfast this day but today it was time to leave the hotel and Bad Schandau. We planned on taking the bus to the bus station and then walk over the bridge to the train station but when we checked out it was some extra fee of about $30 added. It felt strange but at the time we thought it was taxes that we forgot about when booking so we payed directly (update about the reason will be put here). When walking out from the hotel we only had money for one bus ticket (and no possibility to get more cash) so Stéphanie got both the backpacks and I prepared to run the 8 km to the station, but it was a nice bus driver that said both of us could go with the bus. I think this was the first time ever I didn't have any money at all and if we wouldn't already have bought the train tickets it might been a problem. For other travellers I would like to point out that at places like this, cash is king while your card is not more than some plastic flat gear. During the train ride we took a really quick decision, we didn't need to arive in Zwickau this quick so we thought that Pirna might also be interesting and got of the train. Almost to my regret at that station, since it looked really boring, but when we started to walk we saw that there was a castle just a 20 min walk from the station. We went there, through a small shopping street, and enjoyed the view at a bench at the top before getting back to a later train towards Dresden. It was about 30 min until the train towards Zwickau would leave when we reached Dresden but as the train was already standing there and we felt we seen what we wanted around the station before we got on the train directly just to relax. At the evening we got to meet Beate's mother and eat a delicious cake that Beate made.

2015-07-30 Bastei viewpoint and trekking


After the climbing yesterday we wanted more viewpoints so today we headed towards Bastei directly after the breakfast. From Bad Schandau you can get there by local buses, bicycle, a long walk or as we did with a direct transfer tourist bus to a price of about 7$ for us going to Bastei and back. When we arrived in Bastei after 50 min we saw directly that it would be impossible to walk alone no matter where at the bridge system we were going. The main path was free to walk for everybody while it was a fee of about 3$ for a smaller bridge system between the cliffs. Definitly worth paying as we then wasn't surrounded by the same amount of people as before and it was easier to take a few nice pictures, and the view was really beutiful. It was fun to have seen the place and I recommend it for others looking for a nice view but as we didn't planned on eating in the panorama restaurant or staying in the hotel at the top there was quite a lot of time left of the day when we was back in Bad Schandau. Earlier we had bought a map for the area so while we enjoyed an ice cream we also decided to do some more trekking back to our hotel. The road to the hotel was about 8 km long so if we chose the closest path it was goin to be about 16 km trekking, so we loaded up with more water and some juice before we took of to the path. Malerweg that we chosed to follow in the beginning had some road choices with the same mark but different destination which made it somewhat tricky to follow and at one point we didn't choose the path we first thought about. When we discovered it there was no point in turning around, instead we followed another path that also went up to Hohe Liebe (Love height) 401 m up. It was a quite steep 150 m height difference to walk the last part but we reached the top while it was still sunny in the vally, giving us a nice view. Getting down was also steep and it didn't take long until we got out on the road two tram stations before our hotel, but even though it was possible to walk in the forest the to get to the hotel from that point we chose the road since the sun went down and walking in the dark without a flashlight might not be a good idea when the signs also stated that the path should be tricky. You can see how we walked at the map, approximately 32 km, by following the blue line and if you zoom in you can also see the height difference along the way.

2015-07-29 Climbing Lilienstein 55 m cliff


At 08:15 the breakfast at the hotel was served, it was a buffé so no worries about it being to little. Short thereafter Tony, our climbing guide at Klättermax climbing school, came to pick us up and take us to a good place to climb based on our earlier knowledge. He have been climbing for about 40 years so he surely knows his thing. During the car ride we told him that we brought three cameras with us (Gopro 3/4 and Sony A55) and then he quickly responded by suggesting to go to Lilienstein to climb instead of the cliff where he first was driving towards, Lilienstein would give us much better pictures. A little while later the car was parked, we loaded up with gear and started to walk the last 300 m to the wall Süd Hangel with Saxon grading VIIa. Our guide picked a cliimbing route and started sport climbing up while I was securing him. The first bolt was much higher up than I would climb without being secured but he did it very smooth and it didn't take long before he were clipped in. Five more carabiners was used and then he stopped at a cliff edge 34 m up, his rope didn't reach longer so he was sitting up there to secure me as I was going to be the next climber. I was tied into another rope and when I passed each of the carabiners I clipped in the new rope at the same time as taking away the first rope to be able to continue. It was leaning slightly inwards in the beginning and then a sudden edge where it was leaning out. Sandstone however had extremely high friction compared to the Swedish (often granite) cliffs so it was possible to use many other types of grips and slopes than I'm used to. When I reached the cliff edge I walked to the side and connected myself to a bolt where I could sit and rest while our guide used the second rope to secure Stéphanie. On her way up she took the quick draws with her and did a good job climbing despite feelings about it being scary and harder than she climbed before. The part where the cliff leaned out made it hard to look down to see here climbed but I found quite a good positioned where I hanged out from the wall the shoot a few photos of her with the GoPro. When all of us were sitting at the cliff edge we took some photos together and then it was time to continue to the top. Once again the same procedure as before with the guide first and a long way to the first bolt, but after a little while all of us were enjoying the view from the top of Lilienstein 55 m up. At the middle of the top there was also a trail with a fence so that you also are able to walk up, our way was however certainly cooler and we didn't only stand behind a fence but on an edge. We both have never repelled down before but now we was going to learn and as the rope wasn't long enough we would need to do it in two sections. Tony showed how to brake and be secured, connected me to the rope and then I swinged around the edge to be the first one down. It was fun but not as smooth as I wanted it to be as it is easy to suddenly brake to much. After me it was Stephanies turn and after a short while we were all standing on the ground again, looking up at what we have accomplished. Stéphanie felt that this was enough for this time but I wanted something more so the guide climbed up to secure me at the cliff Lilienseinnadel at the wall Märzbecher with Saxon grading VIIc to challange me, it was completly straight with only small holes everywhere. It was harder but I came up after one fall, repelled down and was very happy. Instead of going straight back to the hotel we got of in the Bad Schandau centre, sat down at a place to eat some sandwiches we had in the bag and walked around a little before getting on the tram two station further up along the road. It felt really good to take a shower and look at what pictures we got in the end of the day.

2015-07-28 From Zwickau to Bad Schandau


Time to get going, we packed the last stuff and walked to the train station in Zwickau after breakfast. This time the final destination was Bad Schandau but as we would need to switch train in Dresden we thought that we also could stop there for a while. So we went in to the train towards Dresden and Stéphanie took a seat that made her change seat faster than I would ever be able to shoot a photo of her, the first one was wet. In Dresden there was quite a lot of nice architecture to look at and at the parts of buildings that were renovated it was one big photo poster showing how the result would be, making the construction much less boring in the meantime. After eating lunch at a restaurant we continued with the next S1 train towards Bad Schandau, walked a couple of kilometres to the village center, rested at an ice cream bar and then stepped in to the tram that would take us to our hotel. Along the ride we could see many interesting houses and a camping place with flat ground. You might think it should always be flat or almost flat ground at a camping area but at this place I would not expect that based on the very steep sides on both sides of the road, not a very easy place to build at. It was a slow ride but it would have taken much longer time to walk and after a while we could check in at Lichtenhainer wasserfall hotel.

2015-07-27 Relaxing in Zwickau

Since yesterday we felt tired and didn't want to do much but it's always nice to just walk around in a new city so that was what we did. During breakfast time we found a little bakery where we sat and ate a sandwich and for lunch we went to Subway, it was enough as we didn't use so much energy anyway. Later I found a new leather bag that I thought will fit perfect to wear when going to work and after that we stacked up with some snacks for the train ride tomorrow to get to the mountains, where we will climb and explore. But before the trip we had one evening with Beate left so we also bought some snacks for the evening, Beate started the projector and then we watched Bandits on Netflix. Bruce Willis made the somewhat different type of bank robber character in a good way and I liked it more than I expected.

2015-07-26 Blender tour and then back to Zwickau


Before leaving Blender we got a short guided tour by Renate and Werner; we got to see the house where Stephanie was living as a child, a bath place and the inside of an old wind mill. After the guided tour it was however time to drive back to Zwickau. Not as smooth as when we were driving to Blender due to some traffic jams, but the weather was at least good. Back in Zwickau we ate some sandwiches, took care of laundrary and then it wasn't really any time left for the day.

2015-07-25 Heide park


When we were getting up from the beds the breakfast was already prepared like in a five star hotel, it felt good to be a guest. It was only to continue one hour with the car to Heide park in Soltau after the breakfast and as we bought tickets in advance we could walk directly to the entrence without any que at all. The weather forecast reported rain and thunder but that was only good for us since less people will come to the park and so far it was sunny. In case of rain at a later time we were also carrying rain cloathes in a bag together with some sandwiches. First up among the rides was the big wood roller coaster where we had to stand in a que about 30 min, altough the que was quickly growing to much more than that behind us so we decided that one ride will be enough as long as we not been riding everything else. I would say it was a quite good ride with a long track but with intermediate thrill. Next up was another roller coaster, The rescue, where an air tank was pressurised to later shoot us into a smooth screw-shaped turn and some other tight turns before getting back to the start. Excited by the first two roller coasters, we continued to the other side of the park to test out all of the rest. The Demon was a big roller coaster that could take 24 people in a single ride, it twist, turn, loop and all that really smooth so it quickly became our favorite in the whole park. When we afterwards ate some sandwiches as lunch and went to Kraken roller coaster it was a long que but it also started to rain. We just put on our rain cloathes but a lot of people stepped out of the que, unfortunately it also started to thunder so the ride temporarily closed. But we continued to stand there and after a while the weather got better again and the ride started; the roller coaster took us high up, dropped straight down into the Kraken monster and used water to brake the ride while it also became a good effect for people to see. Kraken was really short and the thrill was not better than in the Demon so I don't think it is worth waiting a long time for. The next ride was the one the loop two times and then take you back to the start through a corkscrew shaped roller coaster, altough super shaky also fun and without que. Tension your muscles and don't lean your head against the support at any time and you will have a fun ride. More rain was coming and many rides closed temporarily again but we anyway wanted to an ice cream so we did that and after a while the rides opened again. I and Beate took a ride in two different spinning smaller attractions and then we went to a roller coaster in which our legs was hanging free, the track was above our heads and it did a lot of nested twisted turns within a small area a I was surprised how good it was compared to what I expected. It give you an intermediate thrill but feels very quick and is really exciting. At this time we had tested all classic roller coasters but Heide park also had a bobsled roller coaster where you sit in a train that free rolling down a bobsled track and that was really something different. It was like a combined cozy- and thrill-ride (if couples take a ride) as you can sit two on the same seat and one is then in front of the other. It was however one thing my fiancé wanted for the all three of us but wasn't really possible in any of the roller coasters, that was a photo of us in the ride. We headed to the lodge ride and there the photo was taken so that everybody in the lodge was visible while it was going in the waterfall. Some fun splash together and then we had a new nice fridge magnet with our picture. It was a very fun day at Heide park but at this time the park closed and it was time for us to drive back to Blender. The evening was however not over since we both got a good dinner, a very nice dessert and was then just relaxing while having interesting conversations.

2015-07-24 Going by car from Zwickau to Blender

As it at next week will be time to climb we started to look at the grading for cliffs around the place where we will stay and also different climbing leaders. We found that looked promising and sent a booking request before going out to eat lunch. Some time later Beate came home and it was time to start our journey to Blender where Stéphanie have some contacts, perfect when we next day will go to Heide park in Soltau. With nice weather, autobahn with very few speed restrictions and no traffic jams the ride went smooth and after about 5 hours we reached our destination. At the evening we were recieved by Renate and Werner and had a nice talktime outside in a sofa before feeling that the day had come to its end.

2015-07-23 Looking around in Zwickau


It was the first morning in Zwickau and when we sat down at the breakfast table we was suprised by Beates father, he just came back withsome fresh bread from the bakery. Certainly a good way to start the day before we continued out to look around in the small city. We started by going back to the Beates father's store to take a closer look at all of the handmade things that you can find there; both wood, metal and porcelain. It was sunny all the time while we was walking around so we thought about going to an outdoor bath with waterslides as soon as Beate came back from work, unfortunately it got cloudy later and with some wind blowing it was not that warm anymore. Instead we played Ticket to ride while sitting on the balcony and printed our tickets to the next activity, Heide park.

2015-07-22 Bus from Berlin to Zwickau


The bus was going to leave Berlin at 08:15 so we needed to get up early to there in time as we would go to the bus station with local traffic and then it's always good to have some marginal. If we just got to bed earlier yesterday it would been easy but now it was not, but what we know we didn't forget anything and got to the bus 45 min in advance. We both fell asleep quite when the bus started to roll, the seats at the Postbus bus was good but we got the first row seats which has less leg space so we woke up quite often to switch position. The driver also felt stressed since a delay and when we reached Zwickau his GPS didn't reroute him around a construction site, resulting in even more delay but after some help from Stéphanie that manually guided him by looking at google maps we got to the station. Beates father have a really nice little store for quality wood models/decorations at Poetenweg 2 so we started by walking to him to get the keys to the apartment, but I must take a second look at alll the stuff in the store later. At the evening we ate dinner with Beate and her father at the balcony while it was raining and suddenly the lightning hit something at the parkinglot just about 100 m from us, I just wish I would have recorded it. Cozy is anyway the perfect word to describe the situation with when we continued the evening by just sitting and talking and watching youtube.

2015-07-21 Berliner wall and Vabali luxary sauna spa


With a sunny, but unsteady, weather we was prepares with an umbrella in the bag when getting in to the city. At one street we jumped into an old photobooth to shoot some fun black and white pictures, crazy and lovely describe the result quite well. Then we continued to the Berliner wall and looked at some pictures from the history timeline that was put up as a free exhibition for everybody, ending up at checkpoint Charlie. At this time it started to rain but it was also time to eat lunch, so for us it was a perfect timing, and after the lunch the rain had stopped. Tired of walking around we decided to go for a tip we had got earlier, we headed for the luxury sauna spa Vabali spa Berlin that is within walking distance from the main train station. The outer entrence was quite hidden with no big signs leading us there but as soon as we were inside of the doors we got the feeling it was a luxurious place. They gave us one digital bracelet each and told us that we register everything on the bracelet and pay on the way out, a system I think is really convenient to have were it is otherwise problematic to pay since you store the wallet in the locker. It was different prices for 2 hours, 4 hours or a whole day but you don't need to choose in advance so travellers on a tight budget should keep track of the time even if I think you should stay more than 4 hours. Why I think that is not because I like to sit that long in one sauna, it's because there are so many saunas that to experience everything you need more time. As in most spa facilities in Germany no bath cloathes are allowed and ladies as well as gentlemen share both dressing rooms, pools and saunas except one sauna for only ladies. Coming from Sweden, where it is most common with the opposite, it was a little strange but on the other hand it was a really relaxing environment. We started by taking a bath in the indoor swimming pool and then walking in a kneipp bath for a few minutes before relaxing in the first sauna. At a schedule we could see when Aufguss is done and of what type in different saunas, the first one we tried became the one with Asia theme for the aromas. My personal favorite however became the Cocos peeling aufguss as soon as we tried it. The decorations was also impressive it felt like they paid attention to the details in every room as it was plenty of space and not many people there that they I got quite a good look of the whole place. If I however have to complain at something it would be about that no shower gel is included in the shower room and outside it could be one or two more showers to suit more people. The restaurant served us not only tasty food but also of good size, we both liked it and relaxed in one of the many waterbeds afterwards. The time literally flew by and we left Vabali spa Berlin after about 7 hours, happy and ready to sleep. We had to pack our bags before getting to sleep, since it should be time to leave Berlin as soon as we got awake again, but It was soon done and it didn't take long before we both were sleeping.

2015-07-20 Berlin from above up in the Berlin TV-tower


Sunny and just a few clouds outside while we ate breakfast got our thoughts to seeing Berlin from above. We got on bus M48 to get to Alexanderplatz, where the Berlin TV-tower stands, but rather than taking us there as fast as possible that bus was good to get some good sights of Berlin. The tower is also called the Alex tower due to its location and is 368 m high, making it the highest structure in Germany. There was three different tickets to choose from to get up: normal, VIP and fast-track. The normal ticket will take you up but you don't now when, an estimated time could be checked on a screen but you need to wait there not to miss your time-slot when it come. The VIP-ticket let you book a time where you can pass the que and then also get a seat in the slowly rotating (about 90 min/revolution) restaurant 207 m up, that is one floor above viewing deck and only restaurant guests are allowed at the restaurant floor. The fast-track ticket let you book a time and pass the que in the same way as the VIP-ticket but you only get up to the viewing deck. We chose the VIP-ticket 30 min later to a price of 25$ per person and it felt so good passing that que when getting up. The table we got was next to the window and I put up my GoPro hero 4 on a little tripod to shoot pictures every 5 seconds since the restaurant was rotating and will then give me a full 360 degree panorama in the end. A video from this will of course be placed on youtube later. It was really tasty food served somewhat like an artwork and when we were done we walked one revolution at the viewing deck. It was a lot of people there compared to in the restaurant but not to many to get a free spot infront of the glass. At that time we were satisfied with the wonderful view, it felt good to have seen Berlin from above, and to get down it was a que that we also could just pass at the side due to our VIP-ticket. We continued by walking to the big Brandenburger Tor, eating an ice-cream somewhere on the way, and after looking at the iconic building for a couple of minutes it was time to get back to the house. This evening it was time to say goodbye to Anne, who let us stay in her apartment, since she go away on a vacation and we will leave the apartment in a few days.

2015-07-19 Cinema and barbecue


The rain was poring down and woke us up with thunder and then it was like if the heaven opened and realeased all of the water at once. It really rained a lot while we were getting up from the bed but not for a long time, even though it felt like it could start again at any moment after it stopped. We got on the bus and saw the movie Minions with Beate at the cinema at Sony centre, that also is a cool looking building. Afterwards the sun shined at us at some two friends of Anne invited us to a barbecue. They really made an effort with it as well; we got a nice supper as taste teaser, then a salmon starter before various meat, perfectly grilled. Also a good opportunity for me to practice german since everybody was talking it all the time. It was a nice evening and I could understand most of what was said in the beginning, but the later we sat there the harder it became since I both became a little tired and was drinking beer. Still fun though and we had a god weather the whole evening.

2015-07-18 Shopping and playing board games


With a weather forecast telling us it's going to be thunder we decided that this would be a shopping day. I was in need of new sandals, both simple ones for indoor use and more rigid ones to be used for shorter trekking. It didn't take long before I found a pair of simple sandals that I liked but the other ones was a completly other story. We walked into every sport equipment shop we could see without any result. Stéphanie bought some make up after some time, that for me felt like ages, but at least she found something. Suddenly we both were really hungry and we saw a Pizza hut restaurant with chairs outside that looked nice, so we took a seat there and ordered a big pizza with cheese filled edge to share with each other. At this time it started to rain but we were sitting under an umbrella so it was just cozy. Later, when we were back at the house, Beate and Felix came by to eat and play board games together. Nice company, fun games, cozy environment and no time limit, with other words the perfect combination to have a really nice evening together.

2015-07-17 Boat tour and Potsdam centrum


Rüdiger has a boat and as soon as we been eating breakfast we joined up with Anne and him at the boat for a nice ride and you could also call it a guided tour, since Rüdiger knew quite a lot about the area. It was some houses with really interesting design at some places and a beach made for 60 000 people. After a while we was walķed off the boat while being in a channel close to Potsdam centrum and we started by walking to Brandenburger torg. There we met Stéphanies friend Beate, who continued our tour four the day by showing us the park and castle Sanssouci. It's a beutiful place and a speciality within the area is that all roads lead towards an object that you can see from the other end, often a house or fountain of some kind. The are is huge so you could walk there for hours if you really want to see everything but it quickly became quite hot to walk around in the sun so we was satisfied with a quick tour. On the way home it felt like the perfect choice to stop at an ice cream restaurant and cool off for a while.

2015-07-16 Flying to Berlin


Denmark was fun but today it was time to leave; we got up slightly earlier than before, packed the last things in our bags and started to walk to a bus stop where we would be able to travel directly to the airport with bus 5A. At the airport we had plenty of time to check in, fika and just relax before getting on the plane. But apparently we needed more sleep because as soon as the plane took of both of us fell asleep and woke up when we were served some juice. Once we arrived at the airport we bought a 7-day card for the local traffic (actually cheaper than a 5-day card) and travelled to Stephanies aunt Anne where we got to stay in her apartment, really nice of her. After a good dinner with Anne and her boyfriend Rüdiger we all took of to a nice little ice cream restaurant, resulting in full stomachs and a happy face before we walked back to sleep.

2015-07-15 Copenhagen Tivoli


Time to see Copenhagen, so as soon as we been eating breakfast we rent two bikes from the camping. It was just 6 km to the centrum and only one turn so no problem to find the way. We cycled through some neighborhoods close to the water and it's quite alot of special design choices to look at, one example being a bridge consisting of four circular discs connected to each other, standing on four poles and suspended by wires that together form a cone on top of each disc. We ate lunch at KFC and then continued in to Ripleys believe it or not, that was in the same building. As you might have read in the Backpacking blog from last year we visited Ripleys in Pattaya and compared to that this one was similar on many points but also had a few unique things. In the centrum it is an amusementpark called Tivoli and my expectations were quite low considering it was in the centrum and most probably shouldn't be that big. My expectations were however well exceeded when we chose to enter the park and discover the rides, it was a lot of new thinking behind what have been done. For the adrenalin kick they had it covered by a quick roller coaster and a plane that only does speedy loops while rotating but they also had fun attractions for the hole family. One that we liked in particular was a boat ride through a mine where you have a laser gun and get points by shooting diamond, a game that make everybody competitive. My highest score was 1560 but I never really got hold of that shooting button and my brother got 2900 points, try to beat anyone of us if you get there one day. After a long day out we finally took the cycles back to the camping and in some way almost got lost even though we were supposed to go almost straight but we got help from a girl living close to the camping and then we were back on track.

2015-07-14 Viking park


Waking up this morning was about the same as yesterday but with the difference that the sky was blue, nice to get some sun. We prepared the breakfast and my mother, who took a morning walk, got back with wiener bread as a breakfast dessert. At Lalandia we found a few brochures about different activities in Denmark so we checked those out and found an interesting place, a Viking village, so a day like this it felt like the perfect time to walk around there. It was a big place and even though the parking lot was full it didn't feel crowded inside. The place was made in such a way it felt like going back in time, people were actually living in the same way as the history tell us they lived during different time periods. Some of them teached various things that could be done during that time while others was totaly into their task in the village and didn't speak to anyone. It was also a nice view when standing at the highest point looking out over the landscape. When we left the Viking village we continued to Copenhagen and finally parked at the citycamping that was about 6 km from the centrum; it was a grassfield where we could park, toilets, showers, wifi to a price of 5 $ and bikes were possible to rent. At this time the fridge was empty so we took a walk in the neighborhood and also bought something to eat for breakfast, made our own hamburgers, played some games and ended the evening by watching a movie.

2015-07-13 Lalandia in Rødby


oStarting the morning by playing Ticket to ride and after a while eat yoghurt to breakfast felt like a really soft start on the day. We continued to Lalandia and the only idea I had about the place was that we would have a good time in the bath house. It showed to be much more than that in the same house; you could play bowling, eat food in restaurants, try to ski on a rolling slope mat, play games, try ice skating, and some , more fun stuff. We did anyway go in to the Aquadome part and enjoyed three waterslides, of which the longest was 71 m long, and two ring-waterslides. You could sit up to four persons in one ring so of course we tried that and in my opinion that ride was definitly the best one, it gave the best thrill. The smaller ring was for up to two persons and did run faster as well as it had more turns and if you don't hold on to it when you are about to start it might result in the same thing as for me and my brother; we flipped around and had a ride upside down the whole way down. For children it was a lot more to play with in the water as there were a big playground with watercannons and buckets that suddenly tip over with a lot of water as well as a small wave machine. It was only one restaurant inside of Aquadome and when we ate lunch it wasn't easy to get a table (as usual in most bath houses) but the food tasted good, they had digital alarms that you bring to your table to alert you when the food was ready and I was happy with the size of the meal. I tried baked potatoes with chicken, the menu is not written in english but you can always ask. After some more rides in the waterslides and relaxing in the saunas as well as the whirlpool we went to a restaurant within Lalandia, booked a table and played mini-golf while waiting. The tracks were built in a tricky way, often a slightly angled ground close to the hole and stone edges that you might bounce a little strange on but it was very fun and the quality of the tracks were quite good. The restaurant was America inspired and you get quite a lot of delicious food, not the cheapest one but it wasn't expensive either. We all added "as much ice cream you can eat" to the order but after the food we couldn't eat more than one cup of ice cream anyway. At about 22 o'clock we were done for the they and headed back to the same sleeping spot as before. I have noticed 4K or more than 30fps in fullHD mode on my Gopro hero 4 is not possible to take screenshots from, so until the end of the trip I will only be able to share pictures here that was shot as a photo.

2015-07-12 The trip has started


This morning we were picked up 9 o'clock and took a seat in the sofa in the caravan. A few hours later we stopped at Gränna to eat but also to see how to make a polkagris in the Gränna polkagris factory. Polkagris is a Swedish straight candy cane, invented in 1859 in the town of Gränna. The traditional polkagris candy cane is red and white, and peppermint flavoured. There was also an info map there about tourist destinations close to Gränna that you can see as a picture. Back on the road, heading for Rødby in Denmark, we played poker, placing the cards on a rubber frisbee to prevent them from sliding of the table. It was shifting between sun and rain and after a few more hours we drove onboard to the ferry that would take us to Denmark. We arrived quite late to Rødby and first drove to the big bath house Lalandia but we were unsure if it was allowed to park the caravan on that parkinglot during the night, so we ended up parking next to the trucks at the closest ferry terminal instead.

2015-07-11 Extra day at home


We was going to leave today but our ride postponed the trip to the next day. So instead we relaxed, I bought new pants for the rainy weather that we expect will hit us during a few days and then we ate some take away food from the restaurant Freshii in Kista.

2015-07-10 Packing the bags



Time to be ready to leave our home and find some fun stuff to do during this summer, so now we pack our backpacking bags and I get ready with my photo and video gear to not miss anything. The weight of my bag is 12 kg and Stephanies bag impressively just 11 kg, but in total it's plenty of room left in the bags so it should be fairly easy to fit more things if we would like to buy something.

2015-07-10 Packing the bags



Time to be ready to leave our home and find some fun stuff to do during this summer, so now we pack our backpacking bags and I get ready with my photo and video gear to not miss anything. The weight of my bag is 12 kg and Stephanies bag impressively just 11 kg, but in total it's plenty of room left in the bags so it should be fairly easy to fit more things if we would like to buy something.

2015-07-10 Packing the bags


Time to be ready to leave our home and find some fun stuff to do during this summer, so now we pack our backpacking bags and I get ready with my photo and video gear to not miss anything. The weight of my bag is 12 kg and Stephanies bag impressively just 11 kg, but in total it's plenty of room left in the bags so it should be fairly easy to fit more things if we would like to buy something.